What does your ideal genetic program look like? If you had it your way, what kind of bulls would you use? What age would they be? When would they arrive at your ranch? What if you could build your own custom genetic program designed to maximize your profitability. That’s exactly what we’re doing for some of our customers. We’ve sat down with them, gone over their goals and built bulls for them. We’ve even had their cattle buyer at the table to make sure everybody’s getting what they need to be successful.

We can deliver anywhere from one bull to truckloads of bulls that you help design. They will be the age you want delivered when you want. The programs can be designed to avoid inbreeding, solve problems, meet goals, achieve premiums, etc.


We will keep track of all that you want us too so that your job is simple and you can focus on running your business. You can be as involved as you want and we can be as involved as you want. For example, if you just want us to build bulls with sire X, that’s what we’ll do. Or, we can build you maternal bulls for your best cows and terminal bulls for the rest of your cows. We can keep track of the bloodlines you’re using to avoid inbreeding. We can even monitor genetic trends by using data and graphs similar to the one listed below.


If you interested in designing your own custom genetic program and custom bulls, please contact Will Townsend.

Will Townsend

(406) 548-5770