TBeef’s Mission – Quality

The Challenge

Breeding decisions that breeders make today will direct their herd’s profitability for at least four years and indirectly many years after that. How can a producer begin to make these incredibly important breeding decisions without losing the personal touch and customized bull selection?

The Solution

TBeef offers several solutions to this problem. Firstly recognizing that each herd is unique and requires special attention, every bull we sell is hand selected. Secondly, all of our breeding recommendations have the data to directly back up the choice. We do what is best for you from the Art to the Science of cattle production.

Completely Custom Bull Sales

We Analyze Everything!

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Great Herd

Extensive Health Studies

If the bull(s) reserved do not pass the breeding soundness exam, health exam, or our breeding and development standards the customer can get a full refund or choose a different bull.

Financing Options

Flexible financing options are available from check, cash, credit card, or our partner, AgriClear who operates a standalone escrow service.


Reservation Your Bull Today

We are happy to reserve any bull for you at any time! Just let us know which you are considering and they will be held for when you are ready.

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We'll Back Your Purchase

We fully expect bulls to meet your needs and will provide a full refund if they don’t. This gives you time to inspect the bull and understand TBeef’s commitment to customer satisfaction. If the bull does not meet the customers expectations, the bull can be returned and the customer may receive a replacement or full refund. Of course, if there is ever a problem that is a result of something we’ve done or failed to do, TBeef technicians will take any step to make it right!

We Rethought Everything

Placing the Customer First! 100% of the Time.

Vaccinations: Covered
  • IBR, BVD (Type I and II), BRSV, PI3
  • Mannheimia haemolytica – Pasteurella multocida
  • Campylobacter fetus (vibriosis)
  • Leptospirosis (5 strains)
  • Clostridium 7‐way
  • Haemophilus Somnus
  • Hoofrot and liver abscesses
  • Salmonella, E. Coli, and an aid to prevention of pinkeye (using Endovac‐Beef)
Parasites: Removed

In addition, the bulls have been treated for external parasites with an ivermectin pour‐on and for internal parasites with a paste dewormer.  Before the bulls are delivered, they receive LongRange dewormer by Merial for season-long parasite control.

BVD and Johnes Surveillance

We also conduct Johnes surveillance on our herd, with none having been detected to date. All bulls have been lab tested to not be a persistently infected (PI) carrier of BVD.

Breeding Soundness Exam

All bulls are virgin bulls with no chance of exposure to Trichomoniasis.  If one of our herd bulls is being offered for sale which is not a virgin bull, it will have been tested for Trichomoniasis. All bulls will have passed a Breeding Soundness Exam before being delivered.