TBeef Features


TBeef only offers bulls in the top 3% of the nation for profitability to assure customers they will never get the bottom end and will always maximize genetic improvement.



Bulls come from a herd with a Johnes surveillance program and no Johnes positive animals have been detected to date.


TBeef only offers bulls that have been developed to maximize fertility and longevity.



 TBeef offers bulls in an easy to buy, low pressure, risk-free and hassle free method.


TBeef offers customer accounts that allow customers to monitor their bull battery as bulls leave and enter your enterprise, monitor genetic trends to assure genetic improvement, flag and compare bulls over long periods of time so you can work on bull acquisition during your own schedule, and easily track purchases, shipments, and payments. Genetic consulting is also available.

Cattle Breeding Technology and Education

TBeef provides quick and understandable information and tutorials on the most recent cattle breeding technologies and methods so you can have the tools and capabilities to maximize genetic improvement and profitability.


In an ongoing effort for genetic improvement of our customers’ cattle, TBeef is committed to research and development efforts such as carcass improvement, feed efficiency research, etc. TBeef is always interested in other research and development projects or innovations that will contribute to the never-ending effort of genetic improvement.


TBeef offers discounted rates on both sexed and conventional semen from some of the most profitable (highest API and TI) bulls in the world.


TBeef only offers breeding females with known genetic history and collected data. Most females have selection indexes and EPDs and would qualify as seedstock females.

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